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Oct 5 2014, 09:53 AM
Alright, lovelies. I hope you enjoyed the month off, because it's that time again! This month, we will have a post based activity check. You must have posted twice for all characters between October 1st and (since this official notice is late) November 5th.

If you do not post links to your two required posts (individually, or to a thread in which you have posted a minimum of twice during the set time frame), the account will be marked inactive without exception. So please check in!

Fitz Kreiner
Aug 10 2014, 09:32 PM
Hey guys!

So this is just a general notice, but not anything to worry about or that will affect the board. I'm going to be a bit slower than normal (as may have been noticed). I recently had a standard eye exam and discovered that despite the fact I'm largely asymptomatic I may have a hole in my retina. That doesn't make for too much cause for alarm, except when you consider the fact my mother 1) has cataracts and more importantly 2) almost had severe retinal detachment if she hadn't been operated on just in time. And retinal holes can lead to detachment... which considering my mother and the fact my maternal grandmother only has use of one eye. Well, I'm obviously pretty wary right now.

I know that, somewhere, there are vitamins for your eyes - Ocuvite, comes to mind - that I fully intend to find. Despite the fact my somewhat intense myopia has had me joking I'd rather lose my sight than my hearing, I obviously don't want to lose either. And using a computer is a strain on my eyes. I hadn't really consciously thought about the fact my right eye does ache when I spend too much time using my glasses (which are currently slightly off prescription, but not terribly just enough to feel a mild strain). I also hadn't thought about the fact it actually hurts visually/my eyes physically to work in the dark or in low light situations. I can't even use a computer in the dark because it's too dark for me.

So while I think certain members of my family are acting a tad hysteric with claims of me going blind, I am making a conscious effort to not tempt the universe either.

How is this going to affect you and the board? Well, it is not going to terribly much. I'll still be around, and the rest of the moderating team is here as well. But I did want you guys to know that the fact I'm not hovering in the wings and pouring all my love on you isn't because I, in fact, no longer love you all. It's just me listening to my eyes when they start attempting to pummel me because the soonest I can see a retinal specialist is mid September.

That being said, I have high hopes of finding those vitamins and getting new glasses within the next few weeks so that I do not, in fact have to wait that long to resume activity full speed ahead.

Your friendly neighborhood admin,
~ Ivy
Aug 1 2014, 06:23 PM
Starting a bit late in the day, but never fear, we have not forgotten!

First, we'd like to share a few announcements with you. After listening to your input, we have chosen to adopt Mature and Trigger Warning tags. The rules have been updated to reflect the requested changes. We also received a suggestion to alter the member groups slightly to make them more inclusive. Because of this the 'Human' member group is now 'Earthling' in order to include other native inhabitants of Earth. (We realize that Terran, Gaian, or Tellurian could easily do just as well, but Earthling is the most easily understandable. Similarly, 'Time Lord' was changed to Gallifreyan.

Now, on with the show! This month's activity check is post based. You must show proof that you have posted two times within the month of August.

Tyrion Lannister
Fitz Kreiner
Alice Faye
Harleen Quinzel
Alec McDowell
Tony Stark
Oliver McQueen
Magnus Shepard
Andromeda Galatas
The Corsair
Clark Kent
Wade Wilson
Lois Lane
The Master
Ron Anybody
Sam Tyler
Allison Castiel
Jul 29 2014, 07:37 AM
QUOTE (FLOATING NPC @ Jul 1 2014, 07:31 PM)
So which things count as TW things, for instance (the usual, like rape/suicide/anorexia; or phobias as well?).  And how much is enough to warrant a tag - if the Rani kicks a puppy, does the whole thread get a [TW: animal abuse] tag?  If Turlough gets into a fight and the details manage to be skimmed over, are we able to have any injuries result if we use the [M]?  I reckon there'll need to be a section of the Rules more clearly outlining that sort of stuff, whichever option we choose.

I know I addressed these with you personally, but I wanted to address them with the board as well.

So which things count as TW things, for instance (the usual, like rape/suicide/anorexia; or phobias as well?).

In general, you are expected to tag anything that is known to be a triggering topic: self harm/suicide/abuse/dub and noncon situations. If you want to tag potential phobias, you can out of respect for your fellow members, but we don't see a need to mandate such.

And how much is enough to warrant a tag - if the Rani kicks a puppy, does the whole thread get a [TW: animal abuse] tag?

To an extent, this lies with your judgement. From a moderating perspective though, the real question is 'Do I know this will offend or trigger others?' We are mostly concerned with the clear cut 'you are roleplaying a situation that is abusive', not a side mention that is only one sentence in an entire thread. In general, if you feel there is a chance a thread should be tagged, do so. No one should be upset that you are overly conscientious.

If Turlough gets into a fight and the details manage to be skimmed over, are we able to have any injuries result if we use the [M]?

If you skim the details of the fight, then you are keeping within 2-1-1 anyway, so no mature tag is needed. Injuries are always acceptable. The ToS simply ask that we are not explicit.
Jul 6 2014, 07:07 PM
Hey guys! We're in the need of a coadmin here. Particularly one with graphics/coding skills.

What are the responsibilities?

Well, this is quite a bit honestly, because let's face it, being staff is work. Your main responsibilities will be centered around the admin cp, helping us add new features mainly. Helping with forum graphics et al is a plus but not a requirement. There are also general duties all the staff pitch hit on, but those aren't your primary focus.

Ideal candidate?

First and foremost, we want the staff team to be just that, a team. You'd need to be willing to start off as a moderator and get to know the staff. If you gel well and prove to be a good fit for that position, we'd move you up the ranks. It would also be fantastic if you were anime/game literate, because it's always nice to really know the fandom of an application. ;] I would really, really love it if you'd also be willing to help teach me more about coding, but that's just the proverbial cherry on top, it won't stop you from being considered a good applicant. You would, however, be expected to either be familiar with the jcink admin cp or be willing to familiarize yourself with it in a reasonable amount of time.

Who can apply?

Well, anyone really, provided you have experience. (I know that might suck, but I also find it hard to imagine someone with coding skills and know how not having any experience even as part of someones ad staff.) Skype is also a requirement. You don't have to use it all the time, but we do hold meetings there.

How do I apply?

Just shoot a PM to the Fact Core account, explaining why you are interested and what you can do for us. We'll proceed from there.
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