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Mar 18 2014, 09:37 AM
A couple of things have been dropped in my lap unexpectedly and they need to be done by the end of March so I apologize for slow(er) posting sad.gif
That said, sorry Rand, but I'll try my best to post tonight.
Feb 27 2014, 08:57 PM
Peter was dead set on getting answers... but his brain was still caught in a tangle of shock, frustration and sadness: just when he thought he fixed it all, that he could maybe enjoy some peace with people he loved. But no, no such thing for him it seemed.
He was tempted to get in a pub and drown his rage in alcohol, but not enough money for that, also an addled brain wouldn't be helpful to change his situation. So he bought himself a coffee and headed to the richest part of the city, where people wouldn't miss the money he'd steal... too much. Peter hoped people still believed in cash there, otherwise it'd make getting enough money a much more complicated affair.

He finally plucked the wallet from a very pompous looking guy and proceeded to walk off nonchalantly drinking his coffee when he saw him... and almost spat it in the face of an oblivious passerby: the blond-haired man he just noticed was towering over everyone, dressed in what appeared to be medieval clothes, carrying a sword to boot - and it was the wrong time of year for costumes. Besides, that sword was definitely not a stage prop.
What the hell, this version of London was bringing its cosmopolitan element to the extreme.

Peter walked up to the guy, then turned to walk beside him; this close he also saw he was missing a hand, but he didn't believe for a second that it made him any less dangerous. He cleared his throat:

"Hey there, you look a bit lost. I just arrived here myself... If you don't mind, I could help you become a bit less conspicuous, at least until we figure out how we got here."
Feb 27 2014, 01:37 PM
Peter has just woken up in London, in the Whoniverse. His goal is to go back to his own and is unaware that he basically never existed in the two universes he knew. He's very smart and can adapt to a vast range of scenarios, so the writer is open to pretty much anything wink.gif That said, I wouldn't mind a Time Lord, or at least someone that knows them... just to establish that this is indeed none of the universes he lived in.
Any takers? smile.gif

p.s. Peter has a past as con artist and never walked the straight and narrow path, but he fights for making sure innocent people aren't hurt by people who see the world only as their playground; I'd say he's a chaotic good sort of guy and will react with hostility if you try to manipulate/force him or other people.
Feb 26 2014, 01:04 PM
I wanna find something I've wanted all along - Somewhere I belong

    NAME Peter Bishop
    AGE Mid thirties
    FANDOM Fringe
    FACE CLAIM Joshua Jackson
    Peter Bishop was born in 1978 to scientist Walter Bishop and his wife Elizabeth; in 1985 he almost died of a terrible and very rare genetic disease, but was saved thanks to his father's efforts. He grew up to be an extremely brilliant man with a very high IQ like his father, but he distanced himself from him, especially after Walter was imprisoned in a mental institution after being accused of murdering his lab assistant. The only contact during that time was when Elizabeth died: at the time Peter was told she lost her life in a car accident.
    He spent his adult years travelling around the world after dropping out of college, learned to speak an impressive number of languages and became a jack-of-all-trades, abilities that helped him becoming a con artist and gaining himself quite the reputation with the wrong people.
    In 2008 he was contacted in Iraq by Special Agent Olivia Dunham, who wanted him to help her consult with his father due to a strange disease her partner fell victim of during the pursue of a suspect. Under her not so veiled threat to reveal his position to the people who were looking for him Peter reluctantly accepted to go back to the States and help her get permission to speak with Walter. After a brief consultation it was clear that the scientist couldn't do much from within the walls of the mental facility, and only a close relative could sign his release on the condition he became his legal tutor, so Peter found himself stuck in this very uncomfortable situation. He and Walter started consulting with the FBI to help them with events falling under the 'fringe science' definition, slowly but surely reconciling after many years spent apart. Unfortunately later events brought to light the truth about himself and Walter's past: Peter was from a parallel universe, brought here by Walter after his own son died of the same disease that almost killed Peter. He brought him to this universe to cure him, intending to bring him back after he recovered, but the love for him was so strong he and his wife kept him and raised him as their own. This brought Elizabeth to commit suicide a few years later, due to the guilt she felt about their decision. This shocking revelation inevitably shattered the bond that was beginning to form between him and Walter and he left; while he was away he was brought to his original universe, reuniting with his real parents. Later, however, he decided to go back to the other universe with Olivia, after learning of the damage done to the parallel universe and of the existence of a machine connected to his DNA that could heal the fracture between the universes.
    After a difficult period of adjustment he started looking into the device to find out how to assemble it and use it, after overcoming the fear the device could do to him since it reacted only to him and whether it could heal the other universe without destroying the one where he lived now and where he formed important connections with his father, Olivia and the Fringe 'team'.
    Finally he used the doomsday device, thus creating a bridge between the two universes, but before he could explain he disappeared and was forgotten, because, after fulfilling his purpose, he never existed in either universe.
    Peter, however, wasn't completely erased, and he woke up completely disoriented in another place.

    ((I'm using his temporary disappearance from those universes in series 3 as way to bring him to the 'Whoniverse' before being returned to his reality in series 4. Is that ok?))
    Peter regained consciousness with a start; why did he lose it in the first place was a problem, and where the hell was he now was another; last thing he remembered was talking to Walter, then nothing. His head was pounding from the nastiest headache he could remember, but otherwise he seemed all in one piece, lying on the grass. Instinctively he looked up, half expecting to see zeppelins, but that wasn't the case. So he was still in the same universe... apparently. Next thing to check: the date, just in case he was once again experiencing the future. As he started to get up someone tapped him on the shoulder:

    "Oi, is everything ok? Better get up before a copper sees you, you know."

    Peter turned to whoever spoke and stared, confused. 'Copper?' As he stared at the old man he noticed something else behind him and found himself looking at the Big Ben in the distance. How the hell did he get on the other side of the pond.. and why?! Realizing the man was starting to look at him suspiciously he rubbed his head and winced:

    "Thanks, but I wasn't sleeping.. someone jumped me and I must have blacked out during the struggle, my head is killing me. Guess I'll go and file a report..."

    He must have looked like hell because the old man shook his head, reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out a few bills:

    "Here, for the bus.. and better get yourself a coat, it's a bit too cold to go around like that."

    Peter's first instinct was to refuse, but some local currency could go a long way and could make a few things faster to check. He thanked the man, then went looking for a station, best chance to find a now rare public phone. As soon as he got to one he dialed Olivia's phone and rejoiced as she answered:


    "Olivia, it's me. I'm not sure how it happened, but I blacked out and now I'm in London... could you send someone to bring me back?"

    "... I'm sorry, who's speaking?"

    Peter blinked. What the hell?

    "Olivia, it's me, it's Peter. Are you ok?"

    "Sir, I don't know any Peter, and if this is some kind of joke I must tell you, it's not funny. How did you get this number anyway?"

    Peter hung up, dread settling in his stomach like a block of ice. Why didn't she recognize him? He wasn't in the other universe, that was sure... He looked around and bought a newspaper to check the date, in case he was somehow in the past before he met Olivia. But no, the date was right. What if...
    Maybe, just maybe the device malfunctioned and somehow threw him in yet another universe, one where they never met... or worse, where he never existed. He needed to find answers, and soon.
    ALIAS Ithilwen
    EXPERIENCE I've been roleplaying since 2009, text based is the only form I've used.
    CONTACT PMs go to e-mail, which is the most reliable way to get a message for me, but if anyone wants my skype just ask.
    TIME ZONE Central Europe Time (GMT+1)
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