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Jun 18 2014, 06:17 AM
The thing was giving her the creeps.

Sitting behind the sales counter in her antiques store, “Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe”, Allie shifted nervously. It was silly to let it bother her, she knew, but she felt as if wherever she went in the room, the doll's eyes were following her.

It had arrived that morning in a consignment of loose bric-a-brac she had purchased on a whim from at a deceased estate auction in Surrey because it was cheap. There had been some nice pieces of silver cutlery in the job lot, as well as some old books, several paintings, an old cuckoo clock and some assorted porcelain she thought would display well in her shop. What she didn't remember, however, was the clown doll she had found at the bottom of the crate, carefully wrapped in old rags. It wasn't listed anywhere on the invoice, and she was sure she had never seen it before.

Again, she stirred, an unpleasant shiver crawling up the back of her neck. If she had realised that her purchase would include the doll, she would have thought twice about taking the lot in the first place. It was quite simply the ugliest thing she had ever seen. It had red hair, yellow eyes and a big, scarlet nose. Its wizened face was twisted into a malicious grimace and its teeth were sharp and jagged. Its hands were gnarled like those of an old man, with long, pointed fingernails.

She had rung the auctioneer's office, but they had denied all knowledge of the doll. Unsure what to do, she had placed it on a shelf in the showroom while she finished unpacking the other items from the crate. Almost immediately, she had begun to get really bad vibes from it. It wasn't just that it was ugly. Usually, Allie wasn't in the least bit superstitious, but she couldn't help thinking the small figure almost felt...evil. A couple of times, when she had left the room to go in back, there had been a resounding crash. When she had run back through the door, several things had been lying smashed on the floor, some of them quite valuable. Not only that, perhaps it was her imagination, but the air seemed much colder than it had before she had unpacked the crate.

And now, those yellow eyes, watching her, wherever she went...

She was in half a mind to throw the awful thing out into the big bin in the back alley. But it was possible that it could be a valuable antique. Even more importantly, something cold and tight in her stomach told her that she was scared to touch it. In the last few months, she had learned to trust her instincts. Several times, they had been the only thing that had stood between her and a nasty death. And right now, all her instincts were telling her that something was very wrong.

Not taking her eyes off the doll, her hand slid to a drawer in the counter and pulled it open. Quickly, she sorted through the contents until she found the card that she knew was in there. It had been left in her shop a few months ago. She couldn't really say why she had kept it, but now she was glad she had.

NEW YORK, NY 10012'.

With a hand that shook slightly, she reached for the phone and dialled the number listed on the bottom of the card.
Mar 1 2014, 01:02 AM

waiting for magic

    Allison Castiel is a perfectly ordinary “girl next door”. She's twenty six years old, lives in London and runs an antique store. She has no powers and no secrets. No dark and mysterious history. She has never encountered aliens and has never experienced time travel. In other words, she is an average person, just like you or me.

    Perfect companion material, capable of being amazed and flabbergasted by the wonders of the universe. A blank canvas waiting to be written...
    Allie is fairly shy and reserved and gentle. She has a few friends she socialises with, most notably her best friend from school, Glenda MacIntosh, but she's hardly a party animal. Right now, she's been busy concentrating on keeping her antiques business afloat and trying to repay the debts her aunt left behind when she died recently.
    At this stage in her life, Allie has no enemies. She's not really the sort of girl that collects them.
    Allie lived with a painter and decorator named Terrence Milton for several years, until she got tired of him constantly physically abusing and two-timing her, and dumped him. She was single for approximately twelve months after splitting up with Terry, but has recently fallen in love with a young US soldier by the name of Captain Andromeda Callidum. The only problem is, he comes from five decades earlier in time and from a parallel dimension - but surely THAT won't stop them being together, right?
    There are so many wonderful characters on this site, with various powers and extensive knowledge of aliens, that I thought it would be interesting to write a completely ordinary human, to be able to RP her reactions to learning of all the incredible things that are out there. So if you're looking for a totally naive companion to amaze and astonish, you've come to the right place.
Feb 26 2014, 08:02 PM
I make wishes, I have dreams, and I still want to believe anything can happen in this world, for an ordinary girl...

    FULL NAME Allison Marie Castiel
    AGE 26
    FANDOM Original Character
    FACE CLAIM Jessica Alba
    My name is Allison Marie Castiel. I'm a completely ordinary human girl, and I live in Chiswick, London, on the planet Earth.

    When it comes to my life...well, no real mystery here. It's all very boring. As we speak, it's 2010 and I'm twenty six years old. I'm slender, of average height, with short, curly blonde hair and dark eyes. My parents split up when I was a little kid. Dad remarried and lives on a farm in Shropshire. I don't see him very often, he's pretty busy with his new family. Mum travels all over, she pops in every now and then to say hi, mostly with a new boyfriend. I don't bother to remember their names any more, because she brings a different one every time she comes.

    My Aunt Vanessa brought me up, more or less. And as soon as I finished my A-levels, I came to work with her in her antique shop. But...she died two months ago, of a particularly aggressive cancer, leaving me on my own. The shop's mine now, for what it's worth, debts and all. I've been struggling to make ends meet, but it's all that I have left of my aunt, and I'm determined to keep it all going.

    Currently, I live within walking distance of the shop, in a little upstairs flat over a bakery. It's very cramped, with hardly enough room to swing a cat, but I love it just the same. One of my ex-boyfriends, as well as being a lying, cheating git, was also a painter and decorator, and when I moved in, he painted the entire flat in modern, neutral shades of antique white and beige. I never liked it – it was bland and boring and featureless. So, as soon as I got rid of Two-timing Terrence (after catching him kissing one of the bridesmaids behind a hedge at the reception venue at a wedding we attended), I set about changing it the way I wanted. Now the small rooms are my haven from the outside world, glowing with a myriad of warm, jewel-like colours, from the soft rugs on the polished floor, to the cushions piled on the sofa, to the modern artwork on the walls. Delicious smells, constantly drifting up from the bakery below, create a comforting, welcoming ambience whenever I open the door, making my stomach rumble in hunger, letting me know that I am home.

    The shop's not very big either. 'Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe', it's called. My aunt was a bit of a Dickens fan, as you might have guessed. Just one display room, cluttered with the various antiques we have for sale, as well as a marble sales counter and an old-fashioned cash register. And a back room, with a small kitchenette, a table for sorting out stock, a store cupboard and and toilet.

    So that's it, really, in a nut-shell. My life. The life of Allie Castiel. I work in the shop during the day and then I go home alone at night. Every now and then, when I can scrape together enough money, I go for a holiday in the countryside.

    It's a quiet life – a good life, in many ways. After all, there are a lot of people who are much worse off. But sometimes...sometimes I wish there could be more, you know? It's such a big, wide world, and beyond that, so they say, an enormous universe. Out there, somewhere, there must be such a lot I'm missing. Strange things, wonderful things, exotic people having incredible adventures, living on the edge, having fun...

    Maybe sometime, I'll have a chance at an adventure too. You never know, stranger things have happened, right?

    All I know is...if that chance ever comes...I'm going to grab it with both hands and never look back.
    At that moment, the bells over the exterior door jangled, the sharp, unexpected noise making her jump with fright. Two men walked into the shop, looking around as though they owned the place. The one in the lead was wearing a neat black coat over a charcoal-coloured suit, complete with a pristine white shirt and a striped tie. He had short, sandy hair and a hard, watchful face dominated by a pair of piercing pale blue eyes. The second man was wearing a brown suit and tie, and had greying hair and a weathered, pock-marked face with a calm, world-weary expression.

    "Good morning," the first man said. "Are you Allison Castiel?"

    "Yes. Who are you?"

    The man pulled out a warrant card and flashed it at her. "I'm DCI William Bell of the Metropolitan Police. This is Detective Sergeant Cheweski. We need to ask you a few questions about a man named Terrence Milton."

    Allie's fists clenched in anger as she realised what must have happened. That little worm! He'd gone ahead and pressed charges, just like he'd threatened!

    "If you're here about the punch I gave him yesterday, that was in self-defence!" she said coldly. "He grabbed me first and wouldn't let me go. I've got the bruises to prove it!"

    DCI Bell gave her a grave, considering look. "I'm afraid, Miss Castiel, it's much more serious than that. We're pursuing a murder enquiry. Mr Milton was brutally killed yesterday evening and you were quite possibly the last one to see him alive."

    "He was murdered?" Allie gasped, all the colour draining from her face in shock. "But...that doesn't make sense. Who would want to murder Terry?"

    "That's what we're trying to find out," DCI Bell said. "An ex-girlfriend with a grudge, perhaps?"

    His keen eyes never left her face, studying her acutely, like a bug in a specimen jar. Allie felt sickness rising in her stomach as it suddenly dawned on her what he was here for.

    "Oh my God, you're talking about me," she whispered, appalled. "You can't seriously think I did it?"
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