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Dec 2 2014, 03:21 PM
Hey guys so sorry I've been away A LOT. Trust me when I say I've missed you all like crazy. I predict I should be back posting full force sometime next week. It's finals week, I present my thesis tomorrow. So hopefully my profs don't fry my brains out. See ya'll soon, at long last.

So I leave with these words of wisdom,

When asked why lines are such a pain in the ass, say it's because they are a Q. wink.gif

Jul 4 2014, 05:02 PM
Hello everyone! I'm Vespa also known as the Ticking Tickfish. wink.gif

A bit about myself? Well I'm not new to RPing whatsoever. I've been Role-Playing for almost seven years now. I started roleplaying on sites that had no plot or application process and stuck to that for six years. However I soon found it was growing dull and my characters never really developed. Not to mention the total lack of passion from my partners. (I WAS GETTING ONE LINED BY CANONS!!)

So a year ago I joined my first role-playing forum with an application process and structured plot. I found only hostilities, from the staff there mainly, and got scared away from the forum. Long story short, and to save drama, the site no longer exists. For a month I gave up Role-playing. Then I grew restless and found my first Doctor Who forum and I am still there. I own two sites myself. Finally I found myself here. This is my first Multiverse site and I am looking forward to the journey.

I do prefer to plot out my threads via chatplay, I find it allows for better development of ideas and also allows me to see if we need to tweak the plot a bit before we corner our characters in a big post. For that reason I do have my skype user available. Please don't hesitate to fire a PM at me or just friend me and say "Hey Vespa it's me friend me!" I don't bite....well I don't want to anger the higher ups so let's go with that. My skype is (vespajones1), please tell me who you are, IE c-box name, otherwise I'm going to ignore your request. No hard feelings, just safety.

I am also writing a book.
Jun 19 2014, 10:47 AM
So for about a week I'm gonna take a break and work on my novel. smile.gif I will pop on to say hi every now and then but for the time being I'm gonna be focused on my book. I will try to post at least once every few days though and will indeed be on skype.


This affects Sedna and Gravak Bor'kra
Jun 16 2014, 08:15 PM

Sedna awoke calm and ready. At first she forgot what had happened the day before, then the aches in her arms and legs reminded her of the work out she had suffered the at the hands of the Drazils. Thoughts of the Drazils reminded her of the signing and her new life as a pirate serving under Captain Balthier. She smiled to herself and made her way to the cantina.

Upon arrival there she ordered herself a bar flavored pancakes with syrup, a flavor she had never tried for the sugar count always seemed to high, coupled with a drink packet full of guava juice. Sitting down she sipped thoughtfully at the juice and scrolled through the pad that contained a list of the rooms she had to remove the traps from before her captain awoke. She had no idea how long he’d sleep but she also didn’t know how long she could afford to put it off.

”Hmm I wonder should I work from the console room back or from the cargo bays forward then go to the less used areas. What do you think girl?” Her ship responded with a sharp growl. ”Well aren’t you pleasant this morning. You know it’s very rude to growl at people.” Her ship responded with another sharp growl coupled with several curses. ”OI! There is no call for that language! We may be pirates now but that doesn’t mean we should stop using proper language. You don’t hear the captain spouting off such foul words.” The resulting growl was more chagrined than violent and her ship apologized.

Once she was finished eating she made her way to the cargo bays and began removing traps from some of the rooms in that language. Several loud swears were ripped from her lips when she tripped a particularly vicious trap. She silently hoped she hadn’t woke the captain up when her voice echoed through the ship. “Last time I use spine whip plants as a trap.” She winced as she removed the spines from her hand and face while her ship gave her a sarcastic reprimand. ”Oh shut up you oversized tincan. I had a right to swear you were just grumpy.” She swore again when the ship zapped her soundly for insulting it.

”Why you! That hurt!” The resulting hum was less than polite. ”I will not apologize! You started it!” Grumpily she turned back to her work and snarled curses in Gallifreyan. The ship gave her another stronger zap. ”OWWWWW!! DANG IT STOP!!” Realizing she had shouted she stopped an anxiously hoped she hadn’t woke Balthier up before hastily returning to ridding the ship of the spiny menace it currently held.
Jun 9 2014, 05:37 PM
So here's the deal you turn the setting above you into either a happy light setting or a dark night setting depending on your character's mood. Try to write at least two to three sentence.

Example: Forest under the stars.

Sedna was angry, very very angry.She had been left behind in some forest that was very haunting. It had twisted trees with burnt bark. Sounds of night animals surrounded her and she drew her weapon. Above her the stars smirked and danced waiting for the animals to kill her. Like the snapping of a bone a branch broke behind her and she turned. Standing feet from her gun pointed directly at her face Death smirked.

Setting: Snowy mountaintop.
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