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Aug 24 2014, 11:28 AM
    When Lois appeared on the Discworld, her first impression was that it was very cold. It was an obnoxious cold, that completely ignored her being there: instead of blowing around her, it went right through her, which was worse than being circled by it. Her second impression was that it was a bad day to travel to the middle of a Ramptops winter. Well, she wouldn't have thought it that way, because she'd never heard of the Ramtops. But anyone appearing in the middle of any kind of winter wearing nothing more than a tank top, blue jeans, and a pair of sandles would think it was a bad day to travel to winter. Especially when they had just been about to drag their best friend to a fair on the pier in the heat of Metropolis summer.

    When the cold hit, Lois cursed loudly, and then ran. She wasn't actually trying to run anywhere particular, but she figured if she ran fast enough the chances of her freezing to death would be smaller. Unfortunately, the icy wind might not have agreed with that.
Aug 21 2014, 07:11 AM

    What had happened, and how she ended up in a startship, Lois would never be able to figure out. The last thing she remembered was running for her life from a gang leader who'd caught her listening in on one of his discussions with his men. Not to mention she'd gotten the whole thing recorded, and had bragged about it before making a run for it. She'd been sprinting through the warehouse in search of a place to hide or escape from, when the strangest thing happened. Which was quite a statement, since quite a lot of strange things had happened to Lois.

    She'd ducked behind a crate with the sound of gunshots behind her. As she'd turned to look over her shoulder... the scenery changed completely. It was so confusing and disconcerting, it took all the reporter's effort to hold down her lunch from the sudden sense of vertigo.

    "What the...?" she murmured, staring around in shock. The temperature of the strange place was several degrees warmer than the summer-heated warehouse. The walls were metal and sort of curved above her. If Lois had to pinpoint a name for it, she'd say it was kind of like a space ship hall from those sci-fi movies she always made Clark watch with her.

    The place was silent aside from the slight humming of... the ship? That's what it looked like. That's what it felt like. Except it didn't make much sense. It didn't make any sense. The army brat was jarred out of her thoughts by the sound of footsteps approaching, and looked searched around in a panic for a place to hide. Maybe the mobsters had gotten here too. Or maybe someone worse was coming.
Aug 20 2014, 11:49 AM
Yep. So I was just saying to Ivy how I like listing things, when I thought of grocery lists. No idea why. Then I thought of Lois's really unhealthy avoids-the-need-for-cooking diet, and I couldn't help but wonder what you would find on other people's shopping lists. So here's the game: write out a few items your character's would put on their list when they go shopping. It could be a little, it could be a lot. You can think of budget, food-choice, etc., all's fair in love and war food.

SO, for an example, here is the esteemed Ms. Lane's list.*

* Important note: She couldn't cook if her life depended on it.

Lois's Grocery List:
Four pints of Hagen-Daas ice cream (two strawberry, two mint chocolate chip)
Frozen pizza
Cereal (Lucky Charms and Cap'n Crunch)
Coffee (lots, lots of coffee)
Sugar (four bags)
Hot dogs
Cream Cheese
Cheese (Cheddar, Mozzarella, Cottage, feta, etc.)

Aug 20 2014, 07:41 AM

25 || Human || Reporter

Meet Lois Lane. Spunky reporter, courageous loudmouth, rebellious army brat, and trying very hard to keep it a secret Superman's number one fan. Lois is loyal to a fault and recklessly honest. While she idolizes the Man of Steel, she's a bit of a hero herself, though she probably doesn't even realize it.

Lois is perfectly capable of getting out of any situation she gets into... er... most of them... well... some of them... okay, not really. It's mainly because she's only human and has a really horrible habit of biting off more than she can chew. Hey, cut her some slack, she does the best she can; she's not a superhero, after all. Still, being raised as an army brat, she's not just some helpless damsel in distress. That title is reserved for Jimmy. Lois gets around a lot, so you can be sure she'll be getting into all different kinds of zany adventures.

Also, if ya see Superman, don't suppose you can send him her way?

    Lois's social life is rather nonexistent. She's a busy girl, after all, spending most of her time working. Even when she's not chasing a story, she doesn't particularly enjoy being around people... and if we're going to be honest, people don't particularly enjoy being around her either. Still, maybe she'll find a good friend. Clark's kind of her friend, right?
    Unlike friends, Lois has earned plenty of these. Rivals, such as fellow reporters competing with her, just a person who finds Lois to be a despicable person (and believe me, there's plenty of those). Then there's the people she writes about in her articles--the mobsters, and criminals, and corrupted politicians. That's the real dangerous ones, because they have a deep hatred that could get a little more than just not saying good morning or saving Lois a donut. These guys will try to kill her.
    Lois's love life is pretty pathetic. She's clumsy, awkward, and terrified of intimacy. Even so, she's got a huge school-girl like crush on Superman, though it's more of idolizing a celebrity than actually loving him. However, she is starting to think of a certain Smallville farmboy... and she's starting to realize how wonderful of a person he is. And good looking. Why hadn't she ever noticed that before?
Aug 19 2014, 12:28 PM
Here I go again on my own, going down the only road I've ever known

    AGE 25
    GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Lois is tall and athletic. Standing at 5'10", she can be intimidating, especially with her commanding presence and confident gait. Some would think her to be beautiful, though with a slightly masculine edge; her strong jawline and broad shoulders add to that. Her most prominent feature is her eyes, though, a bright, greyish-green that seem to dance between mischief and an intensity which drives her to accomplish whatever she's aiming for.

    Fashion-wise, Lois usually goes with busniess chic. Pencil skirts or pants, a button up blouse, and various colored blazers. She's also very fond of trench coats. When not working, Lois usually wears jeans, plain figure-fitting tops of various colors but not with any eccentric patterns or textures.

    • Ice Cream (And other Junk Food)
    • Rock climbing
    • Mysteries
    • 80's Metal (Especially Whitesnake)
    • David Coverdale
    • Video Games
    • Big Dogs
    • Writing
    • Being told what to do
    • Small spaces
    • Slides
    • Cats
    • Smoking and Smokers
    • Awkward Silences
    • Resourceful
    • Street Smart
    • Confident
    • Observant
    • Loyal
    • Brave
    • Seeker of Justice
    • Optimistic
    • Compassionate to the point where she'll sacrifice her own happiness for that of others.
    • Independent
    • Passionate
    • Stubborn
    • Reckless
    • Impulsive
    • Jumps to conclusions
    • Not a very good listener
    • Easily distracted--Possibly ADD
    • Danger-Prone
    • Patience--something she DOESN'T have
    • Prideful. Lois's stubborn pride will often prevent her from admitting to mistakes.
    • Blunt
    • Insecure
    • Mouthing off
    • Writing
    • Mystery Solving
    • Martial Arts
    • Swimming
    • Basic knowledge of weapon use and military tactics
    • Painting things
    • Snooping
    • Getting into life threatening situations
    • Snooping
    • Insulting People

    Lois Joanne Lane was born to Ella and army General Samuel Lane on an army base in Germany. The oldest of two siblings, she was a little more responsible than Lucy, her younger sister. She grew up a curious child and with a penchant for getting into trouble. Her early years were spent with the family traveling from base to base all over the world. Ella wasn't happy she had to raise her two daughters in such temporary quarters, but as a three star general, Sam couldn't control where (and when) he got relocated.

    When Lois was six years old, Ella came down with lung cancer. Lois had watched helplessly as her mother became weaker and weaker. It was a traumatic experience for the six year-old, and had been even worse when the illness won and Ella died. Lois was crushed, and General Lane was left alone to take care of his two daughters.

    Sam wasn't much for the whole domestic thing, and raised the sisters in a rather harsh manner. They lived at whatever army base he was stationed at. He always put duty before family, and often treated them like soldiers. For a young Lois, this was hard to cope with, but she wasn't given room for weakness.

    She was ordered to take care of her younger sister Lucy, forcing her to step into the mother-role for the youngest Lane child. The siblings didn't get along, and Lucy was an even bigger trouble-maker than her sister. Lois struggled to pick up the pieces of Lucy's catastrophes on a regular basis, their father recurrently blaming Lois for all the fiascoes and not raising Lucy properly. This did not go over well for Lois, leaving her with a growing resentment towards Lucy which would stay for years to come, straining their relationship. The siblings had never gotten along, always competing for their father's favoritism, as he was very judgmental. After a few years, Lucy was sent to an expensive boarding school in Europe, while Lois continued traveling around from army base to army base with her father.

    Sam Lane had always wanted a son, and Lois tried to fill in those shoes. She became a tomboy, interested in fighting, action figures, football and so on. Lois was trained to fight by the soldiers at the bases, reaching a third degree black belt in martial arts. In addition, her father made sure she knew how to handle knives, guns, and various other weapons for self-defense.

    As a teenager, Lois's rebellious and reckless behavior often landed her in trouble or caused her to do things like try smoking and just generally disobeying the General's (as she called her father) orders. She always had to learn things the hard way. Her most notorious rebellion was how often she went out drinking. She was underage, and would often come home drunk.

    School wasn't easy. Although she socialized plenty, Lois was a loner, never really fitting into any of the cliques or finding a real friend. She wasn't the most dedicated student either; sure, she was intelligent. Extremely intelligent to a near genius level. But she rarely did homework, she skipped classes, she broke school rules, and was even held back a year, doing her senior year twice before finally graduating.

    Sometime after finally walking off with a diploma, Lois succeeded to get enrolled in college. Unfortunately, she got kicked out three months later. Out in the world and feeling pretty lost, she got taken in by a family and worked as a museum janitor while trying to get back on her feet. She spent a half a year with the lousy job, before her cousin, who was a reporter, dragged her off for help with a story. The adventure that followed stemmed Lois interest in journalism, and she decided that was what she wanted to do as a career.

    It took a lot of trying, but she finally got a job working for a cheap tabloid newspaper. It wasn't her ideal reporting job, but it was a start. Around four months in she went up to the Daily Planet and begged the Editor-in-chief, Perry White, to let her work there. He liked her writing style, though her youth left her with not much experience. Still, he saw some of himself in the aspiring reporter, and agreed to let her in on a sort of trial run. She was good; Lois would chase stories relentlessly until she got to the bottom of the issue, and her writing was unique.

    Her success didn't shoot up immediately, but her big break had been the first story on Superman to ever hit Metropolis, reported by Lois Lane. Although she was sure it was a secret (which it wasn't), she had fallen hard for the dashing Man of Steel. It was a schoolgirl crush she was ashamed to admit she had, but she could only look up in admiration anytime Superman came by and every time he bailed her out of trouble, which she seemed to get into more often than was healthy. She was head over heels in love with him, much to the amusement of her co-workers Jimmy Olsen and Clark Kent.

    The voice rang throughout the Daily Planet bullpen, loud and harsh and commanding. A very tall young woman who had been carefully moving towards the elevator with all the grace and innocence of a fleeing gorilla froze. A travel mug of Starbucks coffee was clasped in one hand and a half eaten donut in the other; the woman looked for all the world like she was just trying to have a late breakfast... while not-so-subtly creeping towards the exit.

    Perry White, the Daily Planet's Editor-in-Chief, knew his best reporter well enough to know when she was up to something. As it was, she immediately stiffened when he called out to her, muscles coiled like she was ready to bolt; which was odd, considering Lois's reputation from never backing down.

    Perry moved across the bullpen towards the reporter, scowling deeply. "Don't move, Lane," he ordered.

    An army brat by nature, Lois immediately stood to attention. She was, however, now wearing the expression of a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar before four o'clock. "Er, yeah, chief?" Lois asked, trying to sound innocent. The hand holding the donut moved behind her back.

    "Where are you going?" Perry asked.

    "Out," Lois mumbled. Perry rolled her eyes.

    "You're not a teenager sneaking out to a party, Lane, and I'm your boss. Where the hell are you going?"

    "I, uh... have a lead on a story?" Lois said. She was the worst liar in the history of liars.

    "I told you to stay here and show the kids around. You know, as a guide," Perry said.

    Lois sighed. "But Chief, why can't you just have Jimmy do it? He likes kids," she said. "I don't. They're so annoying in a group. All loud and stuff."

    "I'm the boss here, aren't I?" Perry said coldly. "Or do you think you can run this paper better than I do, Lois?"

    It was the type of question you weren't supposed to answer, but Lois's mouth was never notified about these kinds of rules and always had a response for everything. "Well, actually, chief, now that you mention it, I've been meaning to talk to you about--"

    "The kids, Lane," Perry said. "Now. Or you'll be reporting to the unemployment office tomorrow."

    "Chief, I'm your best reporter, you wouldn't--"

    "And with that attitude, no one's going to hire you."

    Lois had enough sense to know when she'd pushed him too far. "Okay, okay, I'm going..." she grumbled. "Stupid brats. What am I supposed to do with them anyway?"

    "Show them around; the copy room, and all that jazz. Tell them about the reporters and how the papers are written. And get Jimmy. He'll help you."

    "Jimmy's as useless as my pet rock," Lois muttered as she stomped away.

    "You have a pet rock?"

    "Goodbye, Chief."

    Pushing past a few snickering reporters and into an elevator, Lois aggressively pressed the lobby button, and crossed her arms over her chest as she waited for the elevator doors to open. Kids. Kids! She hadn't gotten a job as a reporter to give tours to kids. If she wanted to be around kids, she'd have become a schoolteacher or something.

    There was a ding, and Lois stepped out into the lobby, glancing around for the kindergarten group. It wasn't hard to spot them; a crowd of munckins with colorful backpacks and clothes was hard to miss. Steeling herself for the encounter, she straightened up and approached the group.
    ALIAS Lana
    EXPERIENCE Quite a while. Since I was around thirteen. So... five-ish years?
    CONTACT Well, I DO prefer pm, but I also can do skype, I suppose.
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