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 Pandora, Model W, Reploid, Mega Man ZX, 50
 Posted: Sep 6 2014, 10:53 AM
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Model W DAN-002 Pandora
If I got no meaning, Would you force me to a place where I make sense? 'Cause nothing lasts forever.

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    Approximately 50, but looks about 14 years of age
    Mega Man
    Voiced by Rumiko Varnes
    (To understand a tiny bit more about Mavericks and the Zero series, it's best to check out Zero's App. I think it's a bit repetitive to add what he already mentioned in and it would be a bit too much to just go on about backstory of other characters than focusing on Panny. Zero is welcome to comment here if there's any discrepancies considering there's a bit of my own headcanon involved or if I missed anything.)

    To know about Pandora and her situation, one must explore the situation of what happened after Zero crashed the Doctor Weil infused Ragnarok in the desert. After that incident, Ciel (the woman who had created Copy X and resuscitated Zero) began researching in the Outlands, and Reploids and Humans had created a truce and developed the Legion, a lawmaking group that controlled most of one of the major city regions on the planet known as Innerpeace. It was there that legion had made a law to put machine parts in humans and create a lifespan on robots (their lifespans would range between 100-300 years judging by Pandora's age compared to her physique and Prairie's presence). Ciel had also in that time created something called Biometals, which were the essence of the reploids X, Zero, Harpuia, Phantom, Leviathan, and Fefnir and Omega but he's not really that canon to the Mega Man ZX Universe, though as I say this I can hear the Zero RPer would say otherwise. They are known as the biometals Model X, Z, H, P, L, and F and O.

    The three leaders of Legion, Master Albert, Master Mikhail, and Master Thomas all were known as the Sage Trinity and held absolute control over Innerpeace. Despite that, Master Albert had other plans. He discovered that while researching the Outlands, Ciel had gone missing and Serpent's team came into contact with the pieces of the Ragnarok started to go Maverick. Despite that, Serpent lived to become the hero of Innerpeace solving all the world's energy crisis in one go. However this story is not about these guys. It's about Pandora.

    Pandora is the younger sister of the other reploid known as Prometheus, and the older sister of the young runaway reploid Grey. She was created along with Prometheus well into the peace treaty my Master Albert as a plan to awaken Model W (which is essentially the crashed remains of the Ragnarok) and become the Ultimate Mega Man. Pandora was initially created as a reploid female sibling along with her brother, able to Mega Merge with the artificial Model W she had at hand. Despite this, she and her brother were practically tortured and confined as children, forced with a very limited lifespan (at the least three months) to constantly go back to Master Albert to reset their lifespan to prevent them from ever truly escaping. All of this had turned Pandora very nihilistic and lonely, and turned her brother slightly psychotic in order to inline their personalities more with Weil's.

    Pandora and Prometheus were both eventually forcefully merged with their own Biometal, permanently Mega Merged with the biometals and tasked by a higher up (likely Albert, it's never revealed) to approach Serpent and become his agents. They are eventually confronted by Girouette and Vent/Aile*, however they cannot stop Pandora and Prometheus from stealing the password to the Model W from Model X and Model Z (which were in Girouette and Vent/Aile's hands). With that they retreat.

    Pandora is later tasked with stalling Vent/Aile from reaching Serpent in a fight so Serpent can reach Model W and take it. Pandora and her brother back away in the meantime, leaving Vent/Aile to defeat Serpent.

    Many years later Albert finally sets out his plan...

    When Grey is awakened from his capsule, Pandora reached him in her mission to steal the four biometals H, F, L, and P to give to new Megamen known as the Big Four (Helios/Aolius, Atlas, Thetis, and Siarnaq, revealing that she must destroy him as he is a defective. Just outside Prometheus was dealing with a hunter known as Ashe plundering the ship. Despite that Grey (and Ashe) escape from the ship he was woken up on on and finds himself in the Hunter base, where a train is being tasked to carry a mysterious Model A and she must take it back. There she faces off with Ashe/Grey where they Mega Merge into Model A, but retreats to give the information to Albert. Pandora continues on her mission to recruit the Big Four Mega Men to fight in a competition to see which one of them becomes the Ultimate Mega Man and collect the pieces of Model W scattered around. She is chased by Grey/Ashe through that time to the Scrapyard and then the Waterfall Ruins where she and Prometheus destroyed a computer containing information on Ashe/Grey themselves.

    Grey/Ashe eventually confront Master Albert, where he reveals himself to be the creator of Model W and Pandora and Prometheus. It is also where Ashe finds out she is related to Albert and Grey finds out he is a clone of Albert, and that Model A is just a biometal made after Albert himself known to copy other forms.

    Pandora and Prometheus back off into Albert's hideout, and as Grey/Ashe watch Prometheus destroy Master Albert. Fueled by hatred of their cruel treatment, Prometheus and Pandora plan to destroy Innerpeace and everything Albert created (including themselves) despite their limited lifespan. They fight Grey/Ashe, and eventually, being surrounded by Model W's, their hatred and pain is absorbed by the Models and risen up to create the Ouroboros. Grey/Ashe are left with the decision to save Prometheus and Pandora, but they could not do it and had to run off to save the world from Master Albert, who obviously was alive because the body that Prometheus destroyed was a clone. Clearly he took lessons from Doctor Wily.

    In the ensuing collapse of the lab, it isn't certain whether or not Prometheus or Pandora even survived, and even if they did it isn't certain they would have survived for long as they had two days on their clock left before they shut down, but it is likely that they survived and now Pandora is trying to find a way to reset her clock permanently without any of Albert's influence.

    * Both ZX and ZXA games are comprised of two relatively similar stories that depend on which character you pick. I kind of just merged them considering how similar they were to one another.

    Pandora uses her staff to unleash volleys of lightning and ice powers, being well versed in long ranged combat compared to her brother Prometheus, who wields shadow and fire abilities and uses a scythe. As a result, she had two weaknesses, one to fire and one to ice when her color is changed. She changes her form from a yellow (lightning) color or to a blue (ice) color when necessary to use her abilities. In her normal white form, Pandora has the ability to float as well and rise on her staff, unleashing energy from it to ram into opponents. She will also send out the two egg domes from the side of her helmet to either send out lightning or ice shots or to coat themselves in ice or lightning and chase down opponents. However Pandora's main focus is her elemental powers.

    When she uses her ice abilities she changes color and sends out a bouncing orb of ice. She is also able to send out her helmet pieces to fire icicle shots as well.

    When she uses her lightning abilities, she'll change color to yellow and is able to charge her staff and send out balls of lightning out of them to launch out, however the lightning is not homing. She can also surround herself with four staff shaped lightning bolts that encircle her (but not completely protect her) which spin out in a circle and head back to her.

    Other than that, she has no other powers other than the ability to float via her staff and to be able to teleport via her staff.

    Pandora & Prometheus Fight ZX
    Pandora & Prometheus Fight ZX Advent

    Pandora is extremely nihilistic, showing little emotion as she finds it completely pointless to express any. That doesn't mean she is completely devoid of any emotion, as there are cases where she will express some, or if she's in a lot of pain. She's also extremely lonely and quiet and very unwilling to make new friends, but she is still willing to approach and listen if it makes people feel better about their lives. She is very devoted to her brother, Prometheus and holds a slight interest in Grey (her younger 'brother'). Despite all of this, it is entirely possible for her to recover from her loneliness and need to destroy every Mega Man there is... with a lot of therapy.

    At the very least, if someone were to interact with her, they wouldn't be going in circles like the far more crazy Prometheus.
    Pandora stumbled into one of Albert's old labs, clutching her chest in pain as she felt her core slowing down forcefully. This wasn't happening... she couldn't just stop now, she was free! There was no Albert anymore for her to deal with or lose her freedom to! She had to move on! Shuffling her feet into the lab, she finally managed to make her way towards the pods that contained hers and Prometheus's data on them. She reeled in pain as she looked over at the counter that showed her just how many seconds remained on the clock

    600 seconds remaining.

    There was no way she was going to make it. She was going to shut down, and she'd never be able to wake up. Nobody would find her here. How... or why did Albert do this?! It's not like they would run away and stay gone! Pandora hurried to open the pod, trying to mash in the controls, before realizing the power was out here, and has been for a month now since Ashe and Grey came through here and destroyed the lab.

    "..... Prometheus help me..." Pandora whispered out loud, wondering if those would be here last ever words. The young female reploid slid down the side of the pod and curled up next to the machine. She had no energy left to head over to the generator room to reboot the power, especially not in ten minutes...

    Ten minutes.... ten minutes... Where is the generator room?!
    ALIAS Lilax
    EXPERIENCE ONE MILLION YEARRRRS (no, about eight to ten)
    CONTACT You know where to find me, PMs and you can ask for my Skype through PMs
    TIME ZONE Central

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 Posted: Sep 13 2014, 12:11 PM
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The bio itself is full and pretty good, but there are just a few little things that need changing before I can accept it.
1] Topic title should be in LAST, first form, so PANDORA, model w not how you have it now.
2] Subtitle should be age, fandom, face claim format.
3] You need to post your activity proof for your other characters. According to the member directory you have three more characters, and they need to be accounted for before I can accept this one.
4] In your mini profile, your alias is listed as Pandora. Please could you change this to Lilax to match your app.

 Posted: Sep 24 2014, 07:23 PM
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