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 Wolf Like Me
 Posted: Mar 19 2015, 05:01 AM
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He'd been about to answer when she reached up to kiss him, surprising him with her sudden initiative. Fitz found himself putting his arms around her and kissing her back, relishing the feeling of it, the simple honesty, the human warmth. It was the classic ending to any date but this was hardly ordinary and it was hardly an ordinary kiss.

His kiss was warm and passionate, full of emotion – just like him. Allie parted her lips beneath his, taking the moment and trying to remember every part of it, hiding it away in her heart. It hurt her to think that he would leave her here and she would never see him again, just like she would never again see Andy. But she also knew that he couldn't stay, not with her. She'd seen the look in his eyes when he spoke of the man in the blue box. Whether Fitz Fortune knew it or not, his heart was already taken, for better or for worse. Maybe it wasn't love, not in the traditional sense. Maybe it was something even more complicated. But whatever it was, it was a bond that would forever keep drawing him back.

He held her close, and she breathed in his distinctive scent, the smoky smell of cigarettes that she would always now associate with New York and with him. His hand came up to caress her hair, smoothing his long, musician's fingers through the fine, silky strands. She nestled her head against him and closed her eyes, trying to hold back the tears that welled there.

She wondered if he would ever write her the song he had promised. Or if, once he walked away, he would prefer to forget everything that had happened to him here, including her.

Gradually, he disengaged himself from her, and stepped back. Biting her lip, she braced herself for his goodbye, determined not to break down in front of him. From somewhere, she even managed to call forth a watery smile, not wanting his last sight of her to be a sad one.

“If...if that blue box ever brings you back to London...come and see me?”

Instead of immediately bidding her farewell, he gave a muffled exclamation and stepped back towards her again, pulling her back into his arms for one final embrace. She held nothing back, kissing him with everything she had, wishing she had the courage to take him by the hand and lead him up to her hotel room. But she knew that if she did, the hurt when he left in the morning would be even greater than it was now. And after losing Andy, she didn't think she could cope with that.

He uncurled his arms around her and looked at her, summoning a small smile. "Keep on being fabulous, darling. Because you are. Safe trip home, yeah?"

“Goodbye, Fitz,” she whispered. “I hope you find whatever it is you're looking for.”

Then, before he could change his mind again, he turned away, shoulders hunched, pulling the smoke from behind his ear and sticking it into his mouth. He had it lit in a jiff, blowing smoke rings as he crossed the traffic, heading back to Golden Gate park across the bridge.

Allie watched him go, her eyes clinging to his tall thin figure, until it disappeared into the hustle and bustle of the city, and he was lost to her sight. Then, she let out her breath in a long sigh, before turning and heading back into the hotel.

Unlike him, she had no magic blue box waiting for her. But tomorrow, she had a plane to catch...

And dreams of her own to chase.

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