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 Tusen dråper regn, Tag: Allison
 Posted: Dec 22 2014, 04:40 AM
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After what seemed like an eternity, Allie managed to gather herself and get to her feet. Stumbling to the door of the shop, she slipped out into the street, locking it behind her. Outside, the sky was blue and the sun was golden, two facts that she would never now take for granted, having walked on an alien world. As she tilted her face upwards, she could feel the bright, familiar warmth of the summer's morning, soaking into her skin.

Across the street, near the park, a couple of passerbys stared at her curiously, and she realised what a peculiar sight she must make, in her torn and filthy camo gear, her hair matted and dark with sweat, her face swollen with tears. She didn't care, though. What did it matter, with Andy gone? What did any of it matter?

Trembling, she made her way through the streets towards her flat, ignoring the people around her as if they weren't even there. She was never quite sure how she made it up the stairs, with her legs threatening to collapse beneath her any minute. But somehow, she got there, and tumbled through her front door into the calm, welcoming ambience of her home.

Everything looked so normal, so far removed from the place she had just been, that her world seemed to tilt on its axis, and she was forced to grab at the door frame, to keep herself upright. Had it all been a dream? Some kind of hallucination? Maybe Andy had been just some sort of delusion, her loneliness and need causing her to conjure the perfect man out of her fantasies.

But then, as she stepped further into the room, her brown eyes wide and shaken and confused, her gaze fell on the crushed coffee table. The shattered debris that was left after Andy's fight with Terry. If it had all been a could that be there? Why would she still be wearing these awful clothes?

With a muffled cry, she ran to the bathroom and tore off the camo-gear, throwing it as far from her as she could. Then she almost fell into the shower and turned the water on scalding hot. Around her wrists, there was the remains of the bandaging Andy had put there, still further evidence that he had truly existed, and hadn't been a figment of her imagination.

Allie leaned her head against the white-tiled wall, her eyes closed, just allowing the steaming water to wash over her. “Andy!” she sobbed brokenly. “Oh, Andy, Andy, Andy! What happened to you?”

Eventually, too exhausted and unhappy even to dry herself properly, she turned off the shower, wrapped herself in a robe and drifted back out to the living room. Tucking her knees into her chest, she curled up in a foetal position on the couch, her damp hair spread out on one of the cushions.

As she nestled miserably into the soft upholstery, she felt something hard and uncomfortable pressing into her side. Slipping her hand beneath her, she felt around until she located the small round disc. It was a khaki button, from Andy's jacket, the final confirmation she needed that he had always been real. He had sat here, on this couch. He had saved her life. He had nursed her when she was ill. He had kissed her and told her that he loved her.

She closed the button inside her fist and held it close to her heart, feeling the shape of it imprinting into her skin.

Captain Andromeda Callidum. The tears streamed down her face. She had only had him for such a short time. But at least that was better than never having him at all. Every moment had been important. Even if she never managed to find him again, she knew she would never forget any of it, for as long as she lived.

Not ever.

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