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 Posted: Feb 17 2014, 04:32 PM
Fact: Space Does Not Exist
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Yeah, gotta have 'em, I'm afraid. Otherwise things could get messy, we'd all fall into total anarchy and disrepair, and then the Cybermen would come along and convert us all to bring some semblance of order to our lovely forum. And it'd probably work, too - but let's not let it get that far, eh?


Please join with character FIRST NAME LAST NAME in ALL CAPS. If you happen to know the middle initial, go for that as well. There are obvious exceptions for characters that only have monikers (The Doctor, The Master) and characters with only one name (Davros, Jenny), but use your common sense. If you mess up the name, shoot the moderating team a pm to have it changed! We do not have a character limit (although we reserve the right to change this if needed - don't worry, there will be an announcement regarding any changes to the rules), but each character SHOULD have its own account.

Also, please remember you must be approved before you can start roleplaying! Feel free to chat with us, work on plotting, or anything else OOC but you MUST have an approved character to play!

We also ask that before you register for any new characters, all of your current characters have a plotting thread (it doesn't have to be fancy!) and one active thread (meaning someone must have posted there within two weeks of your application, starting an open thread does count for this).

All accounts who have not posted an application after two weeks will be deleted. Incomplete applications will also be deleted if not finished within one week of the original posting, unless you request an extension.


Fill out the given template for a profile and post character applications in the Build-A-Character board. As long as you are working on it, leave your character in the Work in Progress section. When it is finished and ready to review, either repost it in the Finished section or bump your thread to let us know it is finished! If it needs more work, we will move it to the Pending Character section with any changes we would like to see made. Then be patient. We will, as soon as humanly (all right, mechanically) possible, accept the character and move the profile to the Character Directory board.

Make sure you have an avatar of your character - this can be a photo, photo-manip, screencap or digital or traditional art - just so we all know who we're talking to. The avatar dimensions are 200x300.

Canon is a slippery beast. Perhaps moreso in Doctor Who than any other - not only has it existed for nearly 50 years with a running theme of time travel and rewriting history, but we also have spin-offs, audios, novels and alternate versions to deal with. Even worse, they often contradict each other.
There's only a few rules here, but they're pretty important, so make sure you read and understand them before jumping in with your post.

For Doctor Who characters:You MUST take as canon all televised episodes, the Doctor Who Movie, the Gallifrey audios, and Eighth Doctor Big Finish Audios and novels - this is the baseline that everyone can work from, (although you do not need to know all of the extended universe for Eight to play here. The general idea is that you understand we are taking his companions from both as canon). You cannot "pick and choose" bits of televised canon - so, for example, the Master can't claim that he never came out with "ah always drrress for the occasion" in the TV movie!

You can pick and choose bits and pieces of other audios, books, etc. aside from the Eighth Doctor Adventures - you don't have to take the whole thing - so, for example, if you're the Monk and you want to say your name was never Mortimus, that's fine but then you can't have been part of the Deca. This is meant to be used with minor things.

/ End DW specific requirements.

We will use canon battles for competing applications from the same time stream! That means if two people want to write the Cumberbatch Sherlock, only one person can write him and it will not necessarily be first come first served. (Conversely, if we have an application for an RDJ Sherlock and a Cumberbatch Sherlock, we can have both of these on the board as they are from separate universes.)

If you're playing a crossover character, please state how your own 'verse fits in with the Whoniverse as well as how, and if, your character has left its respective parallel universe. Please remember the Eighth Doctor is centric to the main universe, and thus this is soft science fiction centric RP forum. Within the realms of your own parallel universes, your canon rules, but if you cross into the main verse (and please feel welcome to!) just know you're not likely to find Hogwarts, Emelan Circle, or Aperture Science (hopefully!) there.

Please don't argue! Make roleplay, not war!


Please put your threads in the correct setting in time and space! We'll move them if things get messy, but really, I have better things to do with my time (like wasting all my money on Big Finish, RPing - or, Rassilon forbid, real life!).

Remember, this forum goes no further ahead in DW canon than the Eighth Doctor adventures preceding "The Night of the Doctor". If you're confused about why, check the Plot thread again. Our premise relies on the Last Great Time War not having yet occurred, so there are no walls between parallel universes, and thus hinges on this timeline. While characters introduced from "The Night of the Doctor" onward are playable, they will be considered to have come from a faster moving, parallel universe, and as such their history will have no bearing whatsoever on the main universe. (E.g. Clara might remember having gone back in time and seeing all the Doctors, but this never happened for any of the Classic Doctors.)


We would ask that you keep your threads in third person format (He, she, we, xe, xem, rather than I or you out of dialogue). This is a no word count board, although you should keep an eye out for semi-regular activity checks!

Common courtesy applies, of course, and I'm sure we all know how this goes...

No god-moding (all-powerful characters) - your character can be hurt, defeated or tricked sometimes - and hey, it can make things more interesting when they are occasionally, right?

No power-playing (controlling someone else's character). Specifically, this refers to YOU controlling the other character. For example, the person playing Jack says "Jack took Tegan's hand and led her behind the bike shed." What if the person playing Tegan doesn't want her character to go behind the bike shed with Jack?! Jack would be better saying "Jack took Tegan's hand and turned to lead her behind the bike shed." Subtle difference, but it gives Tegan the chance to say "Shocked, Tegan pulled her hand away from Jack's and slapped him hard across the face." If she feels so inclined. Power-playing is really annoying, and can lead to arguments, so just avoid it.

Conversely, YOUR CHARACTER controlling the other character can happen - and then it's up to the player of the other character to come to the party. For instance, we all know the Master is a formidable hypnotist. We also know that Jo Grant can resist him his hypnotism. Mercy Hartigan probably could, as could trained UNIT or Torchwood employees. Rory Williams or Jamie McCrimmon probably can't. If you're on the receiving end, be realistic; if you're on the controlling end, don't overdo it.

Take turns nicely. If a thread starts out as Nine, Liz, Meddling Monk, Tamsin Drew...stick to that order and let everyone get their oar in unless agreed upon otherwise. fine, but keep it PG-13. If you want to pair your character with another, ask the player of that character first, especially if it's a non-canon (e.g. Fitz Kreiner/Suzie Costello) or controversial (e.g. Doctor/Master) relationship. Don't just stick it in your character profile, however much you might want to say your OC worked for UNIT in the '70s and had a passionate and steamy relationship with the Brig. And don't sulk if someone doesn't want to pair with your character. Everyone has different views on pairings, and Turlough might not want to go behind the bike shed with Amy.

Violence and drugs...just don't go over the top. Bit of violence might be fine in a Torchwood setting especially, but you really don't have to describe in graphic detail the crunch of the cartilage in Draco's nose as Hermione's fist meets his face. probably gonna happen (try to keep it mild, though).

Don't kill other people's characters without their permission. It's just no fun, and it can be avoided, no matter who or what you are playing. By the same token, your character should never remain in the land of the living solely by this rule. If you antagonize someone you have no defense against, and no reason to feel safe in antagonizing, do NOT be surprised if you find your thread being dropped so the other writer does not have to be out of character just to keep yours alive. Do not tickle a sleeping dragon.

Your own plots, sub-plots and threads are totally up to you - but if you're using canon times/settings, please keep the canon stable (as much as possible in an Parallel Universe friendly RP).

Please be considerate of each other! Remember, no one is obligated to write with anyone they do not wish to, so it's in your best interest to treat others as you'd wish to be treated.


Firstly, you have the right to be as anonymous as you like. You do not have to share your real name, age, country, sexual orientation, occupation or anything if you don't want to. If you just want to go by the name of your character, that's absolutely fine. If someone doesn't want to share any personal information, don't bug them to do so.

Homophobia, racism, sexism and attacking other people's religions and opinions is NOT acceptable. Accusations of the above should also be approached with great caution. If someone's character is from a culture or time when racism/sexism is/was the norm, sticking to this where necessary does NOT necessarily equate to the roleplayer having the same opinions - we are not our characters (well, I hope not, otherwise I've got Issues!). And if someone doesn't want their character in a slash/femslash relationship with your character, this is not the same as homophobia - they might simply interpret the character differently, or not want a pairing at all.


We will be having activity checks once a month. Don't worry, you will be given notice at the beginning of the month and given until the end to post at least twice. If your account was registered less than two weeks before the end of the month, that account is exempt. Likewise, if you registered for and applied for a character within that month, the character application counts as a post. You will be asked to provide links to these two threads during post based activity checks. We understand that real life comes first, and during especially busy times of the year (holidays, midterms, finals, and the like) we may have Interest Based activity checks rather than post based activity checks.

Really, we just want you to participate and have fun, guys!

Rating and Respect

We expect you all to be kind and polite to each other. Follow the golden rule, and you will be fine. We know you are all old enough to know general etiquette and don't need your hand held in this matter.

With this in mind, our board is rated PG-13 as outlined within Jcink's terms of service that you must agree to upon registering. On the rpg system we are rated 2-1-1. We do recognize there is some gray area between 2-1-1 and 2-2-2. So long as you follow the ToS (no explicit/graphic violence or sexual content or excessive profanity), then we do not wish to hamper your creativity. However, any storyline that does not fit cleanly within the 2-1-1 rating must be tagged Mature or with a [M] tag in either the title or subtitle. The same applies for any thread that may have triggering content. These threads should be tagged with either Trigger Warning or [TW], again in the title or subtitle.

Right, well, that's enough ranting from me. Go forth and RP! smile.gif
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