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 Posted: Feb 17 2014, 04:32 PM
Fact: Space Does Not Exist
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Right, so, I'm going to put up a few things

1) Because we can include parallel universes, does that mean we can have multiple people playing the same character?

--> This depends on the situation. We don't want to pigeonhole anyone, but we also can't have 50 identical characters running around. So what's going to happen is you can only have one character from each universe/fandom. And yes, friends, movies/books/tv can all be considered separate when their individual canons are not in line. So we can have an RDJ and a Cumberbatch Sherlock, they are different universes. Basically, no IDENTICAL characters can be played by more than one person.

2) What characters are/are not allowed?

--> We welcome almost any fandom, but use your common sense. We don't particularly want to deal with talking animals like ponies. If we were to see a talking pony in the real world, it would most likely end up being put in a cage and analyzed like a science experiment... that is just human nature. So essentially, if it is an Earth animal, no. This is a tricky one, because we DO accept alien species. But there is a difference between a 'being' and a 'beast'. Animals are beasts and will remain so. We also discourage play bys under the age of 13.

3) What about other sentient creatures? Like dragons or unicorns?

--> Unicorns were left off the Ark for a reason. Dragons can be NPCed but not maintained as an actual character unless they come from a fandom where they serve as Individuals. By this I mean Smaug is a being of his own, whereas the dragons of Pern Impress on their Riders and so couldn't really be written separately. If you do try this, realize you will have to be active or lose that character.

4) What if I want to play: K-9, Marvin the Manically Depressed Robot, a Cyberman, the Borg?

--> No, yes, yes if it is an individual, yes if it is an individual.

5) Why can't I play K-9? I love that little dog!

--> Because having someone own the K-9 unit as a character is unfair to those characters who have one such as Four, Leela, Romana, Sarah Jane, and Luke. If you become inactive, they can't write stories with K-9 because he wouldn't belong to them. Instead, all characters who canonically/reasonably are able to access a K-9 unit can write for him within their threads. This means Andred, Braxiatel, or Narvin could reasonably include a K-9 because they are around one often enough, he simply wouldn't look to them as a Master.

6) What if I want to insert my OC into a canon history as a friend/love interest/coworker to canons?

--> We're sorry, but no. You can't just start out with a character who is dating Tony Stark, had Jack Harkness' child, or works with Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham. Even if one canon writer is okay with it, it's not really fair to anyone else who might join in that their character is assumed to have all this history with yours that.. they can't find anywhere, because it doesn't even exist on the board and came prepackaged.

7) Can my original character have a sonic/laser device, vortex manipulator, or insert 'other unique item that is only ever seen in the possession of one or two people in the fandom'?

--> No. You cannot start out with one. If you build a relationship with the Master, for instance, and he chooses to give you a TCE, fine. But these devices wouldn't be so helpful or unique if everyone had one. And yes, in case you were wondering, the same goes for K-9 units. If you believe you have a very compelling reason to have one anyway, you may ask the staff, but a high majority of the time the answer will be no, friends.

8) Speaking of characters, I've noticed there are different character groups in the application, what do they mean?

--> Most of these groups are self explanatory. Earthlings are Homo sapiens and other species native to Earth. We realize that Terran, Gaian, or Tellurian could work here, but Earthlings is simply most inclusive and most clear. Gallifreyans are natives to Gallifrey, be they Time Lord or Shobogan. Aliens are anything that is not a cross of two or more species and are not native to Gallifrey, Earth, or descended from humans. Hybrids are a cross, such as the child of two different alien species or of a human and alien. Paranormal is for those characters who identify as more than human. In DW canon werewolves and vampires, for example, are aliens and so humans turned into them could be argued to be hybrids or aliens. However most mythologies for werewolves, shifters, witches/wizards/warlocks, and vampires are much more strongly supernatural. Because of this, we feel the Paranormal grouping will help categorize your characters. Mutants can also go in this section. If you have a character that could be sorted into more than one group (witches or psychics, for example, are technically human, but could be also considered paranormal), the moderating team will allow you to choose which group you prefer in your application and will sort the character accordingly.

9) The central universe is Doctor Who, right? So why is the New Doctor Who series considered separate?

--> At the point of Time relative to Gallifrey we are in right now, NuWho is only semicanon. Because of this, NuWho that influences Classic, such as Clara being splintered through time has NOT HAPPENED. Not from the perspectives of 1 through 8, at any rate. The only exception to this is NuWho characters being played on board together with Classic. Anything that is board canon is, you guessed it, board canon.

10) So, there is this character I love, but I think the casting was completely wrong in the tv show/movie. Can I change it?

--> Sorry, but no. Just like in Doctor Who, you cannot ignore televised canon. If you want to use the canon from that tv show or movie, you have to use the same face claim. All hope is not lost, however! Chances are, if you disagree with the casting, that character originates from a novel or a comic book, and you CAN choose a different face claim if you only use history provided from that source. Use this ability wisely. Don't try to recast Hermione Granger, for instance, Jo Rowling was involved in the casting for the Harry Potter movies.

11) I notice you have a section for NPC characters? What are these? Can I make one?

--> NPC characters are Non-Playable Characters. The biographical information you see allows you to pick and write for a background character. You don't have to fill out an application to puppet, say, a background soldier or miller, but if it becomes a recurring character and takes on a life of its own, you may want to do so. Anyone can write with an NPC character, because no one player owns them. (And yes, if you would like, feel free to make one.)

12) What if I fall in love with an NPC character and want it to be mine?

--> Then register an account, write your own application with your own sample post, and apply!

13) But my character has magic powers..

--> Sure, as long as you don't godmod, and you come from/are in a parallel universe with it, then why not?

14) What kind of magic are we talking here? Like, curses, the Harry Potter kind, or faeries and fantasy?

--> Anything and everything, honestly. This is our sandbox. If your character is capable of magic, however, they MUST have come from a parallel universe, and the rules for this must be explained. There's all sorts of different rules for magic, so it would be best if you could base it off of Harry Potter, Tamora Pierce, Holly Black's Tithe series, Terry Pratchett, etcetc. This isn't a free pass to have immortal all powerful witch gods. (Unless, of course, you feel like writing Sauron.)

15) Why do you keep saying parallel universe? Isn't this really just an alternate universe site?

--> There is a difference between parallel and alternate universes. Parallel universes diverge, alternate universes happen when one overwrites the other.

16) How many/what sort of fandoms are allowed to cross-over with the main Doctor Who ones.

--> As many as people want to write, and there's no limit really. Just please avoid talking animals being anything more than passing curiosities. (Sorry, Donkey.)

17) Okay, so you mentioned when multiple takes on a character can be played. What about duplicate face claims?

--> These are a yes, but you do need to talk to the original holder of the face claim. If it's someone like Crowley/Canton Delaware III/James Sterling and Mark Sheppard is canonically all your face claim, then of course you can have duplicate face claims. This seems only fair since Romana I has two carbon copies, Romana II has one, Nyssa does, I'm sure other people do as well. That's not even mentioning canons like TVD/TO that have dopplegangers. That being said, it's polite to check in first, especially if you are both from the same universe. The only thing we don't want is multiple original characters with identical faces.

18) What is the 'focus' of the board? Is it more story driven? How discouraged is combat? What about romance?

--> This is a character driven board. There is not currently an overarching site problem that you are all working to fix or exploit. Rather, we are all building stories together. Combat and romance are equally allowed, although for combat it will be text based only, no number generators or stats. Really, this place is your sandbox. Just have fun!

19) What about the dreaded Activity Check?

--> As mentioned in the rules, these will be held once a month, and you will have the entire month to meet the requirements for that check.

20) Let's get technical. What are the avatar dimensions? Signature?

--> 200x300 for avatars. The maximum signature dimensions are 500x300

21) What is the rating of this site?

--> PG-13 (2-1-1- on the RPG system) this is Jcink's rule. Basically, keep the cursing to a minimum, no graphic sex/torture/even explicit surgery scenes.

22) Any other questions?

--> Why don't you head to our Guest and Member Questions forum? We'll be happy to answer.
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