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Dec 9 2014, 11:31 PM
Just curious.
Aug 28 2014, 02:43 PM
Two minutes ago...

Clark hurled himself to the ground as flame roared overhead. He could feel the heat prickling his skin, uncomfortably hot. "Magic," he grimaced.

"Foolish ants!" Mordru laughed. dismissing the flames. "You are as insects before my power!"

Crawling low across the floor, Clark almost felt inclined to agree. He was used to being invulnerable. But, it seemed, magic was effective against him. Ordinarily, though, that wouldn't have made him hesitate. It would have just made him be careful. But, he was here as Clark Kent. And he was here with Lois, digging into something that had started as two seperate stories. Which meant that he was handicapped by trying to keep his secret identity safe.

"Lois!" he called. "Are you all right?"

There was a wooshing sound, and Mordru caught a facefull of fire suppressant foam. Yep, she was all right.

The cloud of foam was a window of opportunity, and he took it. His eyes flickered like burning coals for an instant, and a tiny burst of coherent red light slashed out and caught Mordru in the chest. He staggered, crying out in pain before choking on the fumes from the foam. "Enough!" the wizard roared. "Í qūzhú nǐ! Chāoyuè yù zhī mén de tǔdì hé nǐ zài yīqǐ!"

And then the world vanished in an explosion of green.


The first thing he noticed was how rough the ground felt beneath his back, and how cool the air felt on his skin. The second thing he noticed was that he was feeling rather a lot of cool air and rough ground. It was that second thing that brought him sitting bolt upright.

The realization that you're stark naked will do that to you. And it didn't take long to work out that it wasn't just clothes. His glasses were gone. His watch was gone. His class ring was gone. Everything. Gone. Just him and his invulnerable birthday suit, sitting on the rough ground.

The broad, brown rough ground, that slightly curved downwards across twenty or thirty meters of width, and that joined in the distance to...


"Oh my god," he murmured, staring upwards at the monstrous tree that soared upwards for miles until lost in a distant green canopy. And then he looked at the others. A whole forest of trees, impossibly huge, dimming the sunlight to a gorgeous jade twilight.

"Well," he laughed, "I guess I'm not in Kansas anymore."

(OOC: So, here we go! Why are we naked? Blame ERB and Barsoom. Plus, it's funny.

The giant trees are, naturally, inhabited by with giant insects and tiny little people living in cities, and by whatever other pulpy goodness is desirable. Go wild.)
Aug 26 2014, 06:40 PM
This is nice and straight-forward. Did you find something cool on the internet? Share it here.
Aug 21 2014, 11:37 AM
It was a moment that would live in memory forever.

Clark had been watching the news eagerly, avoiding unpacking and watching the final leg of Boeing's new Sonic Cruiser on its test flight. The plane was making the transcontinental flight from Portland to Metropolis in twelve minutes, brushing space as it did, and he only wished he'd managed to be there to see it. Finally, he forced himself to go and shift a box of pots and pans - ma had insisted - into the kitchenette.

"Wait," the announcer said. "Something's... I'm just getting word of... we're going live to the stream from the pilot."

He spun, box held negligently as he listened. Something had gone wrong, an explosion in one of the starboard wing engines. The ship was shaking, and he was concerned that the wing itself might rip loose.

Clark hesitated, glancing at the window. He'd done things like this before, but...

"Controls are not responding. I say again, controls are not responding."

He swallowed his nervousness. People needed help, and he was the only one who could do it. So he raced from the studio apartment (pausing briefly to lock it) and up the stairs - three flights to the tenth story and one more to the roof. Glancing around, feeling a bit self-conscious, he tore open his shirt and hurled himself into space.

If anyone had bothered to look up, just at that moment, they'd have seen a blue and red blur streak away skywards. But this was Metropolis. Nobody looked up.
Aug 1 2014, 01:18 PM
Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport

It was kind of strange, Clark reflected as he waited by the baggage check, to bother with an airplane when you could fly under your own power. Although, to be honest, that wasn't something clark Kent was supposed to be able to do. And besides, business class wasn't all that bad.

Not all that good, but not all that bad. And eighteen hours of flight time, plus a four hour layover in London, had given him time to brush up on his Hausa. He'd spoken nine languages when the plane started, and ten by the time he arrived in Abuja - albeit his Hausa was probably terribly accented.

The official language of Nigeria was English. But he'd found that people appreciated it if you tried to speak to them in their own language.

And where was his suitcase? The conveyor belt had been around four times now, without any trace. He was just considering looking through the walls to try and spot it, when the news caught his attention.
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